Conference Accessibility Guidelines for Presenters & Moderators

Amended from accessible presentation guidelines developed for previous CDSA-ACEI conferences and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education’s annual Dean’s Graduate Conference

*Please be Attentive to the Necessary Limits of these Guidelines and Seek Opportunities to Enhance Access in Other Ways*

• First, we invite you to imagine the conference as a space of and for community, and access as a community project.
• Prior to the conference please consult the Congress Accessibility Guide, available via the following electronic link.
• When you enter the rooms in which sessions will be held please remove any obstacles from doorways and aisles (e.g., garbage bins, chairs, etc.), and ensure that the seating space and panel table at the front of the room can be easily navigated.
• If a lectern is present in the room and heights and AV controls are not adjustable to accommodate you as a Moderator or Presenter please let us know and we can ensure an assistant is present.
• Both moderators and presenters should consider how the delivery of their presentation (e.g., pace, volume) may affect access to the presentation.
• Start and end presentations on time (Presentations are 15-20 minutes in duration – presenters are encouraged to prepare to deliver their papers within a 15 minute time frame). If you need
more time to present as an access requirement, please let us know.
• Moderators open each session by introducing the title of the session, the names and affiliations of the presenters and the titles of their presentations. Moderators should inform presenters when they have: 5 minutes left, 1 minute left and when to stop.
• Presenters open presentations with a self-introduction and title of presentation. This is also a good opportunity for presenters to mention if there are any aspects of the presentation which may require some dialogue in order to facilitate accessibility to the audience (e.g., visual description, audience interaction, etc.).
• Have print copies of the presentation available at the beginning of your presentation (you can request they be returned at the end of the presentation).
o bring copies of your slides as 1 per page;
o bring copies of your slides as 3 per page;
o bring large print (at least 16 pt font) copies of your talk as well as a 12 point font.
• Orally describe the content of your presentation (performance, images, slides, notes, etc.).
o Guidelines for describing visual material here
• If showing film/video(s) screen the film/video first. If there is something that may be triggering (upsetting) warn people first with a content or trigger warning.
• Videos and other forms of media need to include accessibility features (including captioning).
• Avoid using ableist and sanist language in your presentation and responses.